Cloud Managed Services

We offer the following Cloud Managed Services:

Business Grade File Sharing
File sharing services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox have changed the way we compute. They allow us to read and write documents to and from the cloud with any of our devices. Unfortunately, public file sharing options that are popular with consumers were not designed for business owners. Our file sharing solution offers the ease of use we’ve grown accustomed to and adds the level of security business owners need. The only people who can view your data when using our file-sharing service are the people you give permission to view your data. Best of all, administrators are able to assign specific permissions. So, if you’re a doctor’s office, you can make sure that your billing people are the only ones with access to billing information, that your doctors are the only people with access to patient’s health information. Whether you are governed by FINRA, HIPPA, or PCI, our file sharing service can be a vital tool.

Cloud Backup
Our cloud backup and recovery solution is a secure and trusted method to protect your data. It is also an integral piece in making sure your company is compliant with FINRA, HIPPA, and/or PCI. During a backup, all data – including your customers’ and client’s sensitive information – is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption technology. (The same technology used by the U.S. Government) The information is encrypted before leaving a user’s computer(s) and is never accessible without the user’s encryption key. This means that not even Sirkdot can access the information. Not only is your information kept secure, but it is also backed up in multiple data centers across the country, making sure your information is not lost.

F-Secure Anti-Virus
At Sirkdot, we are confident in the products we sell because we use them ourselves. When the anti-virus software we’re using is no longer the best, we stop using it. F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business (PSB) consistently ranks as the top anti-virus for protecting businesses.

Sirkdot also offers the following email solutions:

Hosted Email
Microsoft Office 365 with Exchange
Encrypted Email
and Email Filtering

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