Why Managed IT Services?
10 years ago, most people treated computers like cars – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Now, with spyware, ransomware, adware – more “ware” than your computer has room for – companies are learning that waiting isn’t an option.

According to the 2016 Data Breach Industry Report from Experian:

91% of all healthcare organizations have had a data breach in the last two years
38% of organizations surveyed by ThreatTrack have been targeted by cyber-extortion.

SirkDot offers the following Managed IT Services:

Technical Support:

SirkDot offers two levels of technical support. Companies can contract SirkDot on an annual or monthly basis to be their outsourced IT department. For our contract clients, we offer a dedicated Tech Support phone line that they can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Another option is calling us as-needed to provide “break-fix” support.

Remote Troubleshooting:

SirkDot is now equipped to provide remote troubleshooting and remote tech support. When companies who contract us to be their IT department call, we log in remotely to their computer or server to diagnosis their problem. Best of all, we are able to fix the majority of a client’s issues remotely. This means no more waiting around for an IT guy to show up. In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, We’ll “git ‘er done.” If for whatever reason the problem cannot be fixed remotely, a technician will come by for an on-site visit.

Network Administration:

Not only will we provide technical support and remote troubleshooting, but part of managed IT services means managing your network. This includes adding and removing users, modifying permissions, and working with your business on staying up to current compliance standards, whether they be FINRA, HIPPA, or PCI.

As part of our Managed IT Services, we can also help you manage and maintain your Cloud-Based Solutions. We offer the following Cloud Managed Services:

Cloud Backup
Cloud File Sync & Share
F-Secure Anti-Virus
Email Hosting with Webmail
MS Exchange Email Hosting
Zix Encrypted Email
Microsoft Office 365

Additional Services Include:
VoIP Phone Service
Networking Cables
Networking Hardware
Hardware Repair
Windows Install
PC Deep Clean
Virus Removal
Data Recovery