Niche Markets


SirkDot has experience with chiropractors, family medical practices, physical therapists, and surgeons just to name a few.

Our breadth of knowledge about HIPPA and The HITECH Act equip us to engineer an IT infrastructure for you that will keep your patient’s data protected.

Retail & Restaurants

If your business accepts credit cards then you probably know that credit card terminals need to be on a separate and private network that no one can access. This can become nearly impossible if your business has WiFi.

We’ve worked with some of Lincoln’s largest restaurants, helping them make sure their networks are secure.


It is always an honor to serve as consultants for small businesses as they’re establishing themselves. As proud alumni of the Southeast Community College Incubator Program, the growing pangs of our first years are still fresh in our minds.

When working with a start-up, we start by identifying the needs versus the wants. We then work to take care of their needs at the best possible price, without sacrificing quality or security.

If you or someone you know is starting a business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It would be a honor to help make sure the business is getting off on the right foot.