What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a form of communication that transmits your phone calls over the internet instead of through telephone lines.

Should I use VoIP?

One thing we believe at SirkDot is that a company should never recommend something they wouldn’t use themselves. Here are some of the reasons why we choose to use VoIP:

Have your entire business on one phone system. Whether you have sales reps in the field or offices in five different cities, VoIP puts all of your business’ phone numbers on one phone system making transferring as easy as 123#.

VoIP is scalable and customizable. With hosted VoIP services, everything can be managed by logging on to the provider’s website and changes take effect almost immediately.

VoIP offers “virtual receptionists” which serve as a digital switchboard operator. Not only can the virtual receptionist function as a directory for departments or individual employees, but it can also manage business hours.

VoIP offers call continuity, making sure that the phone system is always operational. Whether someone calls outside of business hours or your internet is down, calls will still be forwarded to voicemail or a backup phone number.

VoIP can be more affordable than traditional phone services. There is no need to buy a central piece of hardware for hosted VoIP. Most customers only need to purchase the VoIP phones. Phones can even end up being free to the customer in certain situations.

VoIP can follow you wherever you go. Business owners can set their systems to ring their office and their cell phone simultaneously or forward to their cell phone after a set period of time. Our VoIP provider even has a mobile app that allows you to send and receive calls as your business number, eliminating the need to provide personal cell phone numbers to clients.

Best of all, with Sirkdot there is no contract required.

For more information on VoIP phone service, contact our sales department at 402.261.0117