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It takes a lot to keep track of the technology your business relies on: updates, security, backups, choosing the right equipment. But tech issues don’t need to take hours of your time or cause undue frustration.

Call on Sirkdot to keep your tech in order and reduce your stress!

We’re large enough to handle practically any problem you’re facing, yet small enough to develop a personal relationship with you and your company. Our team’s been doing this for 10 years now. We love what we do. And we know how to make IT efficient, affordable, and friendly.

Let us take the load off of your shoulders and help you keep your business running!

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Our Staff


Kris has been disassembling and reassembling things since he was just 5 years old. A fascination with how things work has led him through various jobs, hobbies, and interests before founding Sirkdot. With a never ending need to learn new things Kris has a passion to help others find and use the best technology for their business needs. Known for his dedication to avoiding sleep, Kris will meet for coffee anytime, just email him a time and place!


Cody has been working in IT services since 2007 and with Sirkdot since 2014. As our gloriously bearded fixer-of-things he helps our customers day after day survive the battle of human vs machine. We aren’t quite sure which entertains him more, going to the Lincoln Stars hockey games or discovering new music, but either way we’re convinced he’d rather be fixing some broken thing somewhere.


Shanna has never been one to shy away from hard work or a willingness to learn new things. As Sirkdot’s resident dancing, baking, ninja, horseperson she keeps everyone on their toes and well sugared as our self-appointed Snacks & Shenanigans officer. A long-time friendship started her journey into the world of technology, and she’s decided to stay. Adding some beauty and a bit of ninja activity to an office full of “nerds” she is attacking the world of IT with a fierceness and a handful of sweet treats!

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