What computer is the best?

IT would be too easy if there was a “one-size fits all” computer but that simply isn’t the case. The best computer is the one that fits your needs and budget at the time of purchase with a consideration for some time down the road. We can help you find the computer that fits your needs and budget even if you aren’t quite sure what those are yet.

How do I get the Internet speed I’m paying for from my provider?

There are a significant number of variables in Internet speeds but there are some basics to consider. Make sure that your router and other network equipment have the required specs to meet the speed of your Internet connection. It gets complicated quickly so let us know when you would like some help.

Do I need anti-virus and is a free one good enough?

This is almost like asking if your house needs a lock on the front door, you can live without one, but it isn’t recommended. Anti-virus protects your computer from software designed to cause problems for your systems or to cause your systems to harm someone else’s systems. Anything is better than nothing, but you generally get what you pay for in life. Let’s talk about anti-virus options.

Does it matter which types of software I use for my business?

There are a ridiculous number of software creators out there and each has its own pros and cons. The best software for your business is similar to the best computer for your business, it depends on your use and budget. One very important item to check for when choosing software is, who owns your data, you or the software company and can you import and/or export data in a useful format? Need help deciding? Give us a call.

When do I need an IT person, department, or company?

If you are one of the techie types of people you may not need help when you first start your business. However, as your company grows and you focus on managing that growth, continuing to be the IT person becomes distracting and time consuming. An on-staff IT person may be able to help bear the load, or make it worse, we’ve seen a lot. An internal department would be great but is costly and most times won’t be able to access everything you’ll need for software, hardware, and other services.

A Managed Service Provider, like Sirkdot, is able to ensure your business’ IT infrastructure is handled correctly, is staying ahead of your needs, and saves you money long term. We mentioned that we have seen a lot and that means we have quite a bit of experience and know how under our belts. There’s also our access to hardware manufacturers and service providers through our carefully chosen partnerships.

When you’re ready to change who is wearing the IT hat for your business, we’ll be here to wear that potentially heavy head piece, just call us! Email works too.

Why is my computer slow?

There is a wide range of possible reasons for your computer to feel like it’s running slow. Start with looking at your Task Manager window to see if any programs are taking up a large amount of resources. If closing the program(s) speeds up the computer, that program may be misconfigured or too resource intensive for the computer. We will gladly assist you in finding the reason and providing a solution.

Where should I buy computers and other technology items for my business?

This depends on your risk tolerance and patience. Buying equipment from a retail store might save you a little bit of money up front but will likely cost you more in the long run and getting support or warranty processing from the retail store may be an infuriating and time-consuming task. You will likely also be working with consumer grade instead of business grade equipment which means shorter warranties and less capable equipment. Would you rather spend hours researching equipment or let us help you find what you need quicker?

What should I back up, how often, and to where?

Each company’s requirements are different but there are some best practices to follow. Firstly, anything that would be at least difficult or time consuming to recreate should be backed up. Second, if your computer crashed or nature intervened with your business operations, do you want to start again from yesterday or last month? Back up often. Lastly, everything will eventually fail, including external hard drives, back up to multiple locations and devices.

We’re just a phone call away if you’d like help determining the best way to back up your business.

What is “The Cloud” and how do I use it?

The cloud is simply a marketing term for services provided via the Internet. This can be software such as a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), bookkeeping and invoicing software, website server, email servers or even a phone system. Give us a shout if you get lost in the cloud(s) and we’ll send out a search party to help guide you.

My computer is acting weird, what do I do?

Reboot. We know it sounds crazy simple… Rebooting your computer gives it a chance to clear out everything that is running and start fresh. If that doesn’t work, call us.