Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix my _________?

If you have a PC, server, router, or firewall that is giving you problems we can help. We offer virus removal, data recovery, and hardware repair and replacement.

Can I get a computer or server from you?

Yes. We will help you find the right computer or server to fit your needs. If what you’re looking for isn’t available, we’ll custom build it.

What anti-virus software do you recommend?
We use F-Secure, which is continually ranked the best for businesses by third-party testing.

How should I backup my data?

We recommend using both secure local storage and secure cloud backup.

Can you backup my stuff to the cloud?

Yes. Our cloud backup service is 256-bit AES encrypted, making it ideal for businesses that need to comply with HIPPA, FINRA/SOX, and/or PCI.

What about services like _________?

Services like GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote are not ideal for business. It is likely that the service owns your data and not you. Not only that, but their employees and partner companies may also have access to your data. We offer a service that can sync your files to all of your devices. You own your data and you control who can see it.

Do you do email?

We offer an array of email solutions ranging from basic webmail to Exchange with filtering and encryption.